From the Day I Say I DO


But Do You Really?

Two simple yet profound words that usually indicate the start of a lifelong journey. Two parties who have found space to exist in each others lives and to have a role for better for worse for the remainder of their lives.

In other words it is a bond, not necessarily just any bond, it is a bond that is bound together by what is called a covenant.

A covenant holds a value of sacredness and reverence that merges the two parties into one with an intent for harmony and mutually beneficial living and doing life together.

You could say that the constitution is a document of the covenant bond between a country and her people’s basic human rights.

Who even as we parallel this instance into what happens between the country and the people, both parties need to do good on their end of the bargain.

We see what the do the astronomical divorce rates that are rampant in America alone, And we also see the outcry in the outbreaks of frustration for the fact that government and the institution of America has become like and a bitter ex wife who is in in many ways clinging and scrapping for whatever moral dignity it can salvage from the people who have built her up to her current level and once dominant position of greatness.


But what God put together, let NO man put asunder


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