Runaway bride

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So your college buddy his you up and alerts you of the mind blowing news that he is turning in his players card and retiring from the single life game to start his journey down the road of teamwork and living intimate connection with the woman who separated herself from the masses to become the Apple of the eye of the beholder.

She if she’s worth it, she won’t be easy, if she’s easy, she’s not worth it, she’s something worth fighting for and the struggle to get her makes you appreciate her presence more than if you where handed something of such value and benefit.

My woman, my everything whatever I have, everything I’ve been through, everything I hope to be, can be elevated by drawing into your beautiful world and tasting the nectar of the fruits of the Love in your soul.

Everyone falls in Love sometime, if you know how I know, then you know that it is not a crime.

So your friend can call my friend, and my friends can call your friends, and we can do this in the weekend cuz I’m traveling through the weeks, as long as we’re tripping together.

Bae we can go wherever, just say the word and I trust your words because you know where your role is in my life.

So keep Running this way bride to be

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