Think or Feel


To think or to feel…

That is the question.

So you met the beautiful young lady in the different time at a different place in a different part of the world and Your journey continues because your life was called to be present in another region for a period of time.

And as your conversation begins to ensue and you’ll begin to dig deeper into each other’s world and find common ground on which to build a foundation which you can Build a relation that can be deep and beautiful.

So there comes the question that comes to time Throughout your communications where you can have the opportunity to Differentiate whether you’re going to express what you think in your mind Or what you feel in your heart.

To think or to feel that is the question.

And even when the decision was made to only tell her and and express what was felt not what was thought you still had to Face the fact that you felt and you thought And come off of yourself so that you could be present in the ready for her to come in and To allow her beautiful and Exquisite heavenly World to come And be penetrated.

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