The Wedding Guide


The Wedding Guide..

When you finally reach the place when you do more than just say it you do more than just the minimum you actually are where you need to be.

After it is all said and done and the I do is finally said and accepted and done, That’s where we come in and we are here for you.

Man I’m so glad I made it through the hills high and the valleys of perfecting and purifying of the discipline of desires to live a Conquering life that flows in union with the hailing of the Lion of Judah that lives in the life of victory.

Because of who we are and because that is a reason enough alone, once I have gotten to get to know you, to study you, to learn your attributes, jireh provider, neicey reign in victory, shallom Prince of peace. Jehovah..

And because I have sought you out, and pursued you with my whole heart that you would recognize that I am standing here as a man that needs you more and more right now in this moment with my arms outstretched.. Come rescue me, I need you right now more than I’ve ever needed through our my ever present deep intrinsic and non negotiable necessity..

There is pain and sorrows that are present for the accumulation of experience and first hand high level training for our necessary work schedule for our destined journeys as we continue to align towards the Lord Jesus Christ holy and perfect plan for ever man to find his Good Thing, and obtain favor.

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