Wedding Day



That Special Wedding Day.

You have been preparing for this moment all of your life. Young girls like to dream and fantasize about how perfectly this day could turn out. Young men see the potential from other examples of elaborate and extensive proposals that melted the hearts of their ladies and reflects how their hearts have been captured.

The special one that captures your heart and melts it as she makes every aspect of your world beautiful and more enriching.

And your heart becomes so overwhelmed with gratitude even in the current moment of right now.

Someone to be ALL IN, so into her and she into your as you paint the world beautiful and keep a space for the role your can have in each others life and future.

Even when the skies are dark, and the weather seems dreary and without the assurance that there is something to hold onto.

Understanding the rhythm and timing of the pace of your interactions. When to pull, when to push.

Being the type of man that caters to get her needs so that she can cater to yours and opening up so that she can put something into your heart.

To realize and embrace the fact that she was put into your life for a reason and that however it was that she has landed where she is..

See the woman was taken from the rib of a man, she was brought out from something that was inside of him the whole time.

Adam was actually asleep, when God took one of his ribs and bright him eve.

Make a connection, open your heart, and Love.

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