Wedding Day



That Special Wedding Day.

You have been preparing for this moment all of your life. Young girls like to dream and fantasize about how perfectly this day could turn out. Young men see the potential from other examples of elaborate and extensive proposals that melted the hearts of their ladies and reflects how their hearts have been captured.

The special one that captures your heart and melts it as she makes every aspect of your world beautiful and more enriching.

And your heart becomes so overwhelmed with gratitude even in the current moment of right now.

Someone to be ALL IN, so into her and she into your as you paint the world beautiful and keep a space for the role your can have in each others life and future.

Even when the skies are dark, and the weather seems dreary and without the assurance that there is something to hold onto.

Understanding the rhythm and timing of the pace of your interactions. When to pull, when to push.

Being the type of man that caters to get her needs so that she can cater to yours and opening up so that she can put something into your heart.

To realize and embrace the fact that she was put into your life for a reason and that however it was that she has landed where she is..

See the woman was taken from the rib of a man, she was brought out from something that was inside of him the whole time.

Adam was actually asleep, when God took one of his ribs and bright him eve.

Make a connection, open your heart, and Love.

The Wedding Guide


The Wedding Guide..

When you finally reach the place when you do more than just say it you do more than just the minimum you actually are where you need to be.

After it is all said and done and the I do is finally said and accepted and done, That’s where we come in and we are here for you.

Man I’m so glad I made it through the hills high and the valleys of perfecting and purifying of the discipline of desires to live a Conquering life that flows in union with the hailing of the Lion of Judah that lives in the life of victory.

Because of who we are and because that is a reason enough alone, once I have gotten to get to know you, to study you, to learn your attributes, jireh provider, neicey reign in victory, shallom Prince of peace. Jehovah..

And because I have sought you out, and pursued you with my whole heart that you would recognize that I am standing here as a man that needs you more and more right now in this moment with my arms outstretched.. Come rescue me, I need you right now more than I’ve ever needed through our my ever present deep intrinsic and non negotiable necessity..

There is pain and sorrows that are present for the accumulation of experience and first hand high level training for our necessary work schedule for our destined journeys as we continue to align towards the Lord Jesus Christ holy and perfect plan for ever man to find his Good Thing, and obtain favor.

Too little, too late


So he broke your heart again…

And yet again crawls back with apologies and the promise of reforming yet it is established that is too little too late.

Even as powerful as words are the flattery of words are not swinging you at this occasion. Time and time and time again the only thing left with are unfulfilled promises, crushed hearts, and broken dreams, laced with the emptiness of the words from one who is selfish and without understanding of the sacrificial and selfless aspect of Love.

Now a part of our mission here

at the Pacific Wedding Guide is Not only to make sure that you have the information database for everything pertaining to weddings but we want to make sure that you equip so that What God put together that no man including yourself the very ones that are apart of the union can put asunder.

Which is when I bring this point see you my dear reader who may be going through even some portion of heartbreak chords and relation difficulty, Is to take every moment possible to look at yourself and reflect about what is going on within you so that the next mate that you attract will not be just another repeat cycle of what failed before.

So be yourself know yourself and love yourself and never accept anything less than what you deserve and be sure to always look To surround yourself with those to uplift you and to allow those into your life that will not be too little too late..

Think or Feel


To think or to feel…

That is the question.

So you met the beautiful young lady in the different time at a different place in a different part of the world and Your journey continues because your life was called to be present in another region for a period of time.

And as your conversation begins to ensue and you’ll begin to dig deeper into each other’s world and find common ground on which to build a foundation which you can Build a relation that can be deep and beautiful.

So there comes the question that comes to time Throughout your communications where you can have the opportunity to Differentiate whether you’re going to express what you think in your mind Or what you feel in your heart.

To think or to feel that is the question.

And even when the decision was made to only tell her and and express what was felt not what was thought you still had to Face the fact that you felt and you thought And come off of yourself so that you could be present in the ready for her to come in and To allow her beautiful and Exquisite heavenly World to come And be penetrated.

Runaway bride

61DTcCRmNeL._SX355_You Ready?

So your college buddy his you up and alerts you of the mind blowing news that he is turning in his players card and retiring from the single life game to start his journey down the road of teamwork and living intimate connection with the woman who separated herself from the masses to become the Apple of the eye of the beholder.

She if she’s worth it, she won’t be easy, if she’s easy, she’s not worth it, she’s something worth fighting for and the struggle to get her makes you appreciate her presence more than if you where handed something of such value and benefit.

My woman, my everything whatever I have, everything I’ve been through, everything I hope to be, can be elevated by drawing into your beautiful world and tasting the nectar of the fruits of the Love in your soul.

Everyone falls in Love sometime, if you know how I know, then you know that it is not a crime.

So your friend can call my friend, and my friends can call your friends, and we can do this in the weekend cuz I’m traveling through the weeks, as long as we’re tripping together.

Bae we can go wherever, just say the word and I trust your words because you know where your role is in my life.

So keep Running this way bride to be